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Tax Services

online, at home, or in our offices, we're here...on your side.

Ferguson Accounts specializes in maximizing your refund and lowering your tax liabilities. We have over 10+ years of tax filing experience for individuals, small businesses and major corporations with a client base from coast to coast, servicing clients remotely via our cloud program and in person. Ferguson Accounts prides ourselves with fast, accurate and maximized returns for all clients. 

Ways to file


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Individual taxes

Prepare and file individual tax returns. No large upfront fees and fast processing periods.  Tax preparing services are available all year round for tax filers. Click the link below to start your return with us!

business taxes

Prepare and file business ferderal, state and payroll tax returns. Tax  services are available all year round to businesses small and large. Click the link below to start your return with us!


Want to plan out your tax year for your business? We can help! Our tax consulting has helped hundreds of businesses with planning their tax year to either lower their liability or plan ahead for other things to cut tax liability. Our consultations can help save your business thousands. To set up an appointment with a representative, click the link below.

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