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What Do We Do

"We're the firm that's large enough to meet your financial needs, yet small enough to know you by first name"

We piece businesses together. We have four departments which we consider to be the core foundation of all successful businesses: Business Solutions, Payroll, Tax and Staffing. Our client base ranges from newly opened business to seasoned companies looking to rebuild.

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This department has the functionality of an in-house finance and HR department, all outsourced by us.



This department process your payroll and handles all of your payroll needs including W2s.


Our staffing department differs from staffing agencies because we only focus on roles we have expertise in. We are able to recruit the best of the best or loan you some of our staff.


We work with companies filing monthly, quarterly, annual taxes for federal, local and state agencies. We also provide consulting to make sure you're in compliance with tax laws. 


An entrepreneur approached me because while she's very good at creating products for her customers, she still had no idea how to improve the profibility of her business. 

I set up a simple reporting system for her so her numbers are always up-to-date. She can do future forecasting for her business with this report. 

I am happy to report that based on that report alone, she was able to increase her profit by 177% last year. 

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Best Choice

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