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Individual Tax Preparer

The 2022 Comprehensive Tax Course is available now and is better than ever.

  • BRAND NEW video content for you to learn directly from Ferguson Account's expert team of tax professionals.

  • Plus more new, revised content coming very soon.

  • Now with useful, practical pointers that can be applied in your daily work.

  • Materials concentrate on advancement of careers and profitability.

  • Course is 100% online and is self paced. 24/7 online support available for registered students

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be qualified to:

  • Prepare most individual tax returns, including Schedules C, D, and E;

  • Perform a thorough interview with a taxpayer

  • Determine a taxpayer’s filing status and eligibility for exemptions

  • Accurately report income and deductions for a taxpayer

  • Determine a taxpayer’s eligibility for credits and deductions

  • Compute depreciation for assets and eligibility for Section 179

  • Accurately calculate a taxpayer’s refund or balance due

  • Advise a taxpayer in tax planning strategies

  • Register with Ferguson Accounts as a tax preparer, provided you obtain a PTIN and tax preparer bond. 

Refund Policy:

  • Course is fully refundable 24 hours before November 14th 

  •  Restocking fee will be charged for all refunds

  • Once classes start, no refund is available but courses can be transferred to next class start date in 2023

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